Nyéléni Global Process: Working together on people’s solutions to transform the global food system and achieve food sovereignty

In the midst of a global, multiple crisis the global movement for food sovereignty – of which La Via Campesina is an active part – is organising a new moment of discussion to build a strong counter-response at different levels (local, national, global) in alliance with other movements fighting for climate justice and the rights of workers, youth, women, gender diverse. Twenty-five years after the concept of Food Sovereignty was shaped, the moment is now to launch a process of deepening and widening of its principles and concepts, with the aim of articulating an intersectional convergence towards joint proposals for system change. 

As part of the Nyéléni process, hundreds of thousands of people, peasants, small-scale fishers, Indigenous Peoples, consumers, NGOs and scholars will gather to discuss and propose solutions and priorities for the next 25 years of our collective struggle for food sovereignty. In this session, together with members of La Via Campesina from different regions, we will discuss why we need a new Nyéléni Global Process and how such a space can bring people’s solutions to the forefront of transformative change.

Source – https://orfc.org.uk/session/nyeleni-global-process-working-together-on-peoples-solutions-for-food-sovereignty/