Video: India-US Free Trade Agreement and its impact on small-scale food producers in India

On 24 February 2020, Donald Trump made a two-day presidential visit to India where he was expected to sign a bilateral free trade deal with Narendra Modi. A statement issued from that meeting said that the two leaders agreed to soon conclude a “phase one” trade agreement, if possible before the end of the year.  This would be followed later on by a comprehensive trade agreement

The announcement of the proposed deal was a shock for millions of small-scale Indian food producers and informal traders because they stand to be directly affected. While there is no discussion or consultation on the proposal, nor has a text been made available to the public or discussed on the floor of the Indian Parliament, it is clear that India’s agricultural sector will be targeted.

In the following videos, Kannaiyan Subramaniam from the South India Coordination Committee of Farmers’ Movements and Dharmendra Malik from Bharatiya Kisan Union, speaks to Afsar Jafri from GRAIN to discuss the possible impacts of this proposed agreement on India’s small-scale food producers.

[English] Kannaiyan Subramaniam in conversation with Afsar Jafri

[Hindi] Dharmendra Malik in conversation with Afsar Jafri

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