Plots and Hopes from COVID-19

by Pramesh Pokharel

Countries like China, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nepal ruled by Communist and Socialist with better public health services are effectively dealing with the pandemic.

The humanity has an encounter with the biggest challenge of the 21st century. The pandemic of coronavirus, COVID-19 has challenged the world as the number of infections and deaths toll accelerate daily. While a few countries like China have been very efficient in fighting pandemic, it has created havoc in many countries. It is already experienced that without global co-operation, broader solidarity and internationalism, the fight with the greatest enemy of our time is not effective. But some people and countries are busy in creating myths and rumors as well as conspiring against humanity even at the time of crisis.

The Director General of the World Health Organizations (DG of WHO) few weeks back, called the world leaders not to politicize the coronavirus and situation. He also called G20 leaders to, fight, unite, and ignite against COVID-19. But imperialist and capitalist centers are hurdle to the global solidarity of humanity. We can easily notice the conspiracy when they make a false statements such as tagging virus as Chinese virus or the statement as virus was made in laboratory. The real face of imperialism was clear when there was outbreak in Wuhan when they tried to isolate and attack China during the need of cooperation and support. Actually the present crisis due to pandemic is the result of negligence and lack of solidarity of the western capitalist regimes during its initial outbreak.

The world has experienced the brutal faces of fascism which have been always busy in divide and rule, war, oppression, violence and inequality for the business as usual. Off course now they trying to misuse the crisis, politicize the situation because of the fear to lose their hegemony, monopoly and imperialist rule. After the failure of capitalist centers or though called the first world, dealing with a pandemic, it is almost predicted that there will be a shift of agenda. That is why there are attempts to divert the attention of people. There are two truths not acceptable to the global regime. One is that countries like China, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Nepal ruled by Communist and Socialist with better public health services are effectively dealing with the pandemic. Second is that very soon, China is going to be the centre of the world economy. The new world order is expected after the collapse of the single world economy. It is expected that the era of western imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism is going to crumble.

The present rivalry between east and west is political. It has historical roots in cold war. It has many recent manifestations as attack from Europe and North America increases. The trade war, attack by mass media, propaganda and many other means are used against China. The false assumption against China, especially highlighting Chinese investment in Africa and Belt and road initiatives of China was another manifestation. But the attack against China during COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan proved counterproductive. Now we have realized, it was not only barbaric and inhuman but was foolish act to celebrate outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan and neglect its spread around the world. They blamed the Chinese culture and people for origin of virus. They thought that virus will destroy their rival and it can’t fly to anywhere. Then few cases of infections were seen in their countries, but their negligence worsens the situation. This was really the brutal act because we can’t make any statement about the culture and people in West and North when the spread and vulnerability of pandemic is high and almost out of control.

The pandemic has also shown that privatization, liberalization and financialization has weakened states capacity to deal with crisis. Whether it is financial crisis or food crisis or the COVID 19 Pandemic, states with socialist orientation are dealing it successful. Therefore it is also clear that capitalism has again failed. Revising public policies and public sector reform is important. There is no alternative of building socialism. While China is building socialism, with the highest number of middle class and among lowest inequalities, the last congress of the CPC in its commitment towards building socialism of its own character with the rise of Xi Jinping thought, is a hope of the working class around the world. That is why the Pandemic is not only a challenge but also a hope for the socialist of the world. They are waiting for the beginning of socialist reforms around the world. They are waiting for the time when socialist China becomes the world’s economic and political leader. They are looking for a time when there is not a talk on the shift in power centre but talks about change in the world system.

When billions of people in the world are under lockdown, most of the borders are sealed, schools and universities are closed, trade and transport is on halt, all sections of people are affected but the working classes are hard hit. In many countries, there is a shortage of basic medical and health items.

In some countries, there is a shortage of food items. Therefore, it is time for collectivism. It is time to help each other. There are many ways to help each other. Some countries can also share their experiences and approaches to deal with crisis efficiently. Other countries like China and Cuba are sending the militant of frontline doctors too. It is also time to revised policies. It is time to learn from centralized public services, public health care system, planned economy and better public policies such as China, Cuba, Vietnam and Kerala state of India which are dealing pandemic more effectively than the capitalist countries like USA, UK, France, Spain and Italy. Therefore, it is not the time of conspiracy and nuclear tests. It is not the time of blaming each other. The world demands internationalism, collectivism, and socialist reforms. Let’s hope that global empires internalize the lessons learned from the pandemic.

(Pokharel is a central committee member of All Nepal Peasants’ Federation.)