Prof M D Nanjundaswamy remembered on his 81st Birthday at Maddur

Bronze bust of Prof.MD Nanjundaswamy

On 13th Febraury KRRS members and farmers from different districts of state gathered in Maddur, Mandya district for celebration of Prof M D Nanjundaswamy’s  81st birth anniversary.

On this special occasion the veteran leader’s bronze bust was unveiled at the APMC ground, Maddur.

K S Puttannaiah, the MLA of Melukote and leader of KRRS along with Yudhvir Singh of ICCFM, KT Gangadhar of KRRS, daughter Chukki and son Pacche unveiled the bronze bust and personal museum of Professor in the presence of thousands of farmers.

A huge farmer gathering and meeting was organized after this event and it was presided over by Yudhvir Singh of BKU and ICCFM,  noted Dalit writer and thinker Devanooru Mahadeva, farmer leader and MLA of  Melukote KS Puttannaiah, Vasu of Janadolanagala Mahamaitri , Chukki Nanjundaswamy, KT Gangadhar and other prominent leaders of KRRS.

KRRS State President K T Gangadhar gifting millets to women farmer

The programme was inaugurated in a special way by gifting millets to peasant women. KRRS Women’s wing president Nandini Jayaram, in this event declared that it’s the duty of every farmer to conserve seeds and defend peasants’ rights over seeds.

A picture from the event

Yudhvir Singh speaking at the event remembered his old days under the leadership of Prof and told that he was an  great inspiration and fought for the rights and causes of farmers. And to carry forward his struggle and contributions we should keep the farmers movements alive. Touching upon the present situation he expressed his unhappiness with the BJP government and the way in which famers issues are taken up by the government. He criticized the present policies of the government and its declaration to double farmer’s income by 2020 is just a vague and baseless statement.  He gave a call to farmers to take on sustainable agriculture and agro ecology as they can lead to food sovereignty and are the important ways to regenerate agriculture.

Devanooru Mahadeva speaking at the meeting remembered his memories of first encounter with MDN and shared some of the stories of their meeting. He expressed  his solidarity with the farmers movements and told that its the time for farmer movements to expand their vision and give new birth to the movement. He emphasized more on the youth and women empowerment and the need of rethinking and re-looking on the paradigms of development beyond economic growth.

Women farmers across the state

KC Basavaraju of KRRS shared that the farmers’ movement in Karnataka led by scholar social activist Prof. MDN attracted global attention which later led the farmers’ leader to bring various farmers’ organizations in different countries onto a single platform and stage historic struggles at various countries against the exploitation and oppression of farmers. Powerful countries had formed organizations such as G8 and held periodical summits to safeguard their interests and collectively exploit farming sectors of poorer nations. Prof. MDN was a driving force behind the unity of international farmers in their collective agitations at various summits. At certain times, he was the central figure in international farmers’ movement,” he said.

Chamarasa Mali Patil of KRRS said MDN infused self-respect, united farmers and instilled confidence among farmers. We are facing the problem of generation gap and there is a dire need to address this issue through spreading teachings and struggles of MDN to next generation.

KS Puttannaih expressed his gratitude towards Prof. MDN and expressed his unhappiness towards the present state and central governments as they are failing to take up and solve farmers issues. Everybody gives credits to green revolution for the food security but no one remembers that farmers contribute most for food security and there is a  need to weed out green revolution technologies and take up sustainable agriculture.  He gave a call for youth and women empowerment  as it is necessary to take the struggle and movement towards the next generation.

Dr. Vasu speaking at the event emphasized on the need for strong movement with the inclusion of all the other movements to fight against right wing fascist government and to protect our rights.

Chukki Nanjundaswamy speaking at the event shed more light on the politicization of farmer leaders for their own interests and the effect of it on the movement as a whole. She remembered her father and told that he always worked for the issues of farmers without giving much time to the family. And she thanked everyone for making this event a successful one.

Children releasing the book

A special book for kids in Kannada language titled “Manninna Kathe” (Story of Soil)  was released at the event by the kids. The book is published by Amritabhoomi, the agro ecology school of La via Campesina with conceptualization and design by amritabhoomi volunteers, Aimee and Tilly.

Amritabhoomi had set up a small stall showcasing various traditional varieties of seeds, millets and produce from the farm at the event to spread awareness on seed conservation, agro ecology and promote its work on chemical free produce.