People in Paanama, Sri Lanka protest again demanding their lands back

21st June 2016

People in Paanama chased away from their lands on 17thJuly 2010 by the official thugs of the Rajapaksa government. Since then, people in Panama demand for return to their lands with the support of the civil society organization in Sri Lanka.

As a result of the continues struggles for several years by the people of Panama and civil society together, landless people of Panama were confirmed to ensure their land rights and giving back their lands by a cabinet decision made on 11th February 2015 by the “good governance” government.

But the government officer who was addressed by the cabinet decision to take required actions to release the lands back to the people continued to neglect the government decision, therefore people of Panama decided to move to their lands again on 26 March 2016. However, the officer has sent demanding letters to the people asking to evacuate themselves from the lands before 30th June 2016.

Hence, a protest campaign was held in Panama on 21stJune 2016 against this dreadful situation asking the government whether their cabinet decision a joke. People in Panama number of civil society organization and their members from all around the country was participated in this protest campaign.

“Do not try to take us away from our lands. If anyone tried, that will be a catastrophe. These are our lands. Good governance promised us we would be given them back. Please do this without providing false and fake solution. A sticker was also distributed among tourists in Panama and Arugambay to build their awareness on the issue.