Sarath Fernando on natural farming: From capital to nature, from global crisis to the global future

In this interview Sarath gives us insight into the real solutions and the solvers of world hunger and the global agrarian crisis. He explains to us why it is that the same solutions being promoted repeatedly by international institutions and governments are failing every time and instead we find the multiple global crises of climate and hunger intensifying.

Sarath instead promotes natural agro-ecological methods of farming such as natural farming in India and Sri Lanka which rely on natures own ways and nourish the earth and humans depending on the earth. Sarath tells us that it is the poor and the victims of hunger and poverty who themselves have the real solutions to their poverty, environmental damage and hunger. It is these natural solutions of the poor that need to be promoted rather than false solutions like free trade, GM crops, green revolutions, carbon markets etc that have instead caused more harm to nature and humans while failing to make a dent in the serious hunger crisis

Part 1: Global Crisis: Aspects and Responsibilities

Part 2: The Answers: Agro-ecology and Natural Farming

Part 3: Zero Budget Natural Farming

Part 4: A call to regenerating nature

This is a 4 part interview with Sarath Fernando from Movement for National Land and Agrarian Reform [MONLAR] in Sri Lanka. MONLAR is a member of La Via Campesina.

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