April 17 International Day of peasants’ struggle celebrated in Nepal

‘Unless and until peasants’ continue to fight for food sovereignty and revolutionary land reform, Peasants’ rights can not be ensured’

Pic 1, Chairperson, ANPFa.JPGAll Nepal Peasants’ Federation (ANPFa) successfully organized an interaction program on the occasion of international day of peasants struggle April 17, 2011. The Programme was held at the Agricultural Training Centre Hariharbhawan, Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The program was chaired by Shanta Manavi, vice chairperson of ANPFa and Com. Bamdev Gautam, Chairperson ANPFa, member of land reform committee Dr. Kailash Pyakurel, Co-ordinator of Right to Food network Birendra Adhikari were few important personalities presented in the program.

International day of peasants struggle.JPGIn that programme Chairperson of the All Nepal Peasants’ Federation, Mr. Bam Dev Gautam urged for land reform and the importance of peasants’ in developing countries like Nepal where 67% of the population relies in Agriculture. ‘Unless and until peasants’ fight for the food sovereignty and revolutionary land reform, Peasants’ right can’t be ensured’.

Similarly, Agricultural expert, Dr. Kailas Pyakurel focused the role of peasants’ organization in mainstreaming the agriculture and peasantry. In this program conducted by Sarada Parasad Subedi, Treasurer ANPFa; where as Hari Parajuli, Secretary, ANPFa highlighted on the issues of genetic engineering and the new bill presented at parliament. ‘GMO destroy our health, culture and bio-diversity’.

Prem Dangal, Secretary General presented overview the 60 year long peasants struggle of Nepal  and urged the need of comprehensive peasants movement for the peasants’ right. We are not going to have our right easily as MNCs, Neo-liberalism, WTO and even our governments, all are taking advantage of peasantry and agriculture. So Lets join our hand in hand to fight collectively for the revolutionary change’ he chanted.  The program was focused on agrarian issues and the peasants’ right.

More than 60 representatives were participating the program including different media. Peasants’ activist, academician, experts and CSO leaders along with peasant from different region of Nepal actively shared their ideas on how can we make the peasants’ movement stronger for the rights of peasants. The day long program ended with a short speech from Shanta Manavi highlighting the pathetic situation of women peasants in Nepal.

For more information on the hundreds of activities carried out around the world on the International Peasants Day visit La Via Campesina’s page at: http://www.viacampesina.org/en/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1066:list-of-worldwide-actions-for-april-17-2011&catid=26:17-april-day-of-peasants-struggle&Itemid=33

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