Indian Farmers movements denounce India’s pre-budget consultations

The Indian Coordination Committee of Famers Movements

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Press Release, Feb 2, 2011

The Indian Coordination Committee of Famers Movements (ICCFM)  is greatly disappointed at the pre-budget consultations conducted by the Finance Minister which did not care to invite genuine farmers organizations. Instead fake farmers leaders from organizations that claim to represent millions of India’s farmers and civil society were invited. The ICCFM is a body of non partisan and grassroots mass based farmers social movements which have been struggling on the ground for farmers rights. Their famous struggles are around blocking the unjust agriculture agreements of the WTO, increasing the MSP (Minimum support Price), stopping unjust and violent land acquisitions of agricultural lands and increasing compensation to farmers, stopping undemocratic field trials of GMOs. They are the most genuine farmers representatives made by and for farmers and not by other affiliations like the industry or political parties.

Yet the government has chosen to ignore such peoples organizations in its consultations on the budget. This has been happening repeatedly over the last couple of years. The ICCFM has been asking for reforms on the budget for a long time, they have requested a separate agricultural budget, more support for sustainable farming practices, direct subsidies to small farmers as well as their longest standing demands such as a scientifically calculated MSP need to be heard by the government before formulating its budget. However such demands have been blocked out by the exclusive nature of the consultations.

The ICCFM is extremely disappointed with the pre-budget consultations and commits to continue its struggles on the streets to protect Indian farmers rights. It is time for the government to show some genuine commitment to democracy by involving real stakeholders.

Signed by:

Ch Mahinder Singh Tikait, Bhartiya Kisan Union

Yudhvir Singh, Bhartiya Kisan Union, Delhi

Rakesh Tikait, Bhartiya Kisan Union, UP

Gurnam Singh, Bhartiya Kisan Union, Haryana

Ajmer Singh Lakhowal, Bhartiya Kisan Union, Punjab

Jagdish Singh, Bhartiya Kisan Union, M.P.

Sukhdev Singh Gill, Bhartiya Kisan Union, Himachal Pradesh

Vijay Jawandhia, Shetkari Sangh, Maharashtra

Kodiahalli Chandra Sekher , Karnataka Rajya Ryotha Sangha (KRRS) , Karnataka

P.Raveendranath,Kerala Coconut Farmers Association( KCFA), Kerela

Nallagounder, Uzhavar Ulaippalar Katchi, Tamil Nadu Farmers Association, Tamil Nadu

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