Bangladesh Peasants Discuss Climate Change: 31 Workshops in 11 Districts

31 Climate Change workshops took place in 22 Sub-Districts under the 11 Districts.

Bangladesh is one of the most victimized countries of the world due to Climate Change. Northern part of Bangladesh is gradually going to face desertification with continued droughts. At the same time southern part of Bangladesh will be destroyed by cyclones and high tidal wave sinks in the saline water of the sea permanently. Six seasons of Bangladesh have now turned to three seasons- Summer, Rain and Winter. But those three do not continue to function with the usual rules – during summer it is too hot, during winter it is unbearably cold. Cold is regularly breaking old records and making new records. There is a possibility that people of Bangladesh will see snow soon.  Rain falls in undue time and lasts for short time. All people know that last year rain came one and half month late. As a result; peasants started the Amon paddy plant so late….
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